Trophy Fishing

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Experience the best in trophy fishing.

giant Northern PikeWith the assistance of your guide you will be treated to the fishing experience of a lifetime. Though 40"-50" Pike are the expectations of our daily pursuits, Tate Island Lodge has produced well over 40 lb. Pike (yes that's "pounds"). Though we don't anticipate fish of that caliber daily, it represents the very real potential that lies under the surface of our waters.

The fishing surrounding Tate Island Lodge on Reindeer Lake puts a new meaning to the question, "Would you like that supersized?" Here we're not talking fries and a coke. With fishing potential you've only imagined, your day on the lake could make dreams into reality. Unless you've been here before, you may have never experienced fishing like this. With numbers you could lose count of by lunch, and trophies you've dreamed of for years, we look forward to hearing the stories around the fireplace each evening.

stringer full of walleyeHave you ever caught a 50-inch plus Northern Pike?

Here we do..and you can!

Have you ever felt the dead weight of a 40-plus pound Lake Trout when neither of you seem to be gaining ground?
We have...and you may!

Have you experienced the fight of the trophy Arctic Grayling? Or caught enough Walleye that you decided to go fish for something else?
We do here...and you could too!
While a guest at Tate Island Lodge, Babe Winkleman and crew filmed material for his "Good Fishing" program. The footage was later used to produce seven shows that aired on up to seventy TV stations and cable networks in the US and Canada. They also selected Tate Island Lodge for the grand prize of Babe Winkleman's "Fishing Safari" sweepstakes.

arctic graylingUnder these waters lies a fight you'll never forget. Get Ready...Pay Attention...and when Mother Nature strikes back...HANG ON!

Every fisherman dreams of catching a trophy fish. Give Reindeer Lake and all of us at Tate Island Lodge a chance at making that dream a reality.


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