A trip you can't wait to take again...

With all that Tate Island has to offer, we think it is important for you to also know just a few things we do not have:

  • Although you WILL see "Birdies" and "Eagles"...they won't be the golf course kind
  • We don't require a tie and jacket for dinner
  • We don't have overly garnished meals with names we can't pronounce
  • Stores are a long way away, and...
  • If you want a massage here...you'll have to bring your own masseuse

What Tate Island Lodge does proudly offer is:

A friendly staff - Great meals - Clean, comfortable, modern accommodations - 24 hour electricity

Reindeer Lake's great reputation

These elements give us the foundation it takes, combined with our extensive experience of over 25 years in the Canadian Sport Fishing industry, to provide that fishing trip you can't wait to take again and again.

Cabin Accommodations

Our Cabins (which sleep from 2 to 6 people) have:

Full bathroom with shower - Heaters - Refridgerator - Twin Beds with quality mattresses

Daily cabin service

The Lodge and Dining Room

Our Lodge features:

Satellite TV - Telephone - High Speed Wireless Internet

A large open deck for a before dinner drink, a cigar, or for just relaxing anytime overlooking the vastness of Reindeer Lake while adding your stories to the fishing experiences of the day.

The Lounge




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