Greetings from Jim and Gail


Tate Island Lodge


Hello from the frigid north...

and I'm talking here in Minnesota not Northern Saskatchewan. I've been checking the weather

occasionally over the last month or so and most times it was warmer at Reindeer Lake than here at home. I don't know if it's the "global warming" trend or not but it sure seemed to be a colder summer this season also. July was jacket temps for most of the time and considerably cooler than usual. Once again, as the routine goes, in between repairs, building and work, a lot of great guests showed up to experience what Reindeer Lake has to offer, and again it didn't disappoint.

My plan after the first day was to send out an email of all the pictures of the great fish that were caught just on that first day, but just didn't take the time...needless to say it was impressive, and continued through the summer.

Anyway, we want to say thanks to the guests that came north last summer and fill you in with a few highlights on how things went. The rest you will have to com and see first hand!


There's just something about Reindeer that makes it equal to, and in most cases, surpasses any place for quantity and quality of Pike fishing year after year. Very nice Grayling this summer around the islands close to Tate Island. It sure is nice to catch Grayling like this on the lake and not have to deal with the bugs and brush as the stream fishing lodges have to contend with.



Just a few Bear hunters this year as the cabins were filled with early spring fishermen. We only were able to have 4 hunters, each was successful and threw in some great fishing as a bonus. Many more were seen, and we had 3 wounded that got away...hate to see that, but happens, actually more often than we like.

Camp dog Westen "Snowdog" was right there to greet everyone as they got off the plane on arrival, got lots of attention, and saw everyone off when their trips were over. I wish I got along that well with people! He also was a great gardian of one of the goslings brought in by one of the guides that our Granddaughter Mia played with when she was up this summer. How many kids can say they had a baby Canada goose as a pet?

When looking through this summers photos I ran across this of one of our guests fishing off the dock on a perfect day to be at the lake. Just looking at the pictures, talking with guests planning trips and remembering camp life makes us anxious to get back up there.


Two familiar faces we saw this summer, other than our dedicated repeat guests, were 2 of our very popular guides from the past. th last couple years found Lorne and John Henry involved in other things and not able to guide. However, last summer found them back, and to see the smiles on the dock as repeat guests reflected on great past trips with these 2 returning was good to have them back again.

Another summer over and the next one coming fast. A special thanks to the many guests that stepped foot on the dock and trusted us again with their valuable vacation time. In this business once in a while a "bad apple" is bound to show up, but we've seen very few over the years and have never lost the appreciation for (almost) all we see each year. Never as much as during these economic times do we need you guys. So...many thanks to our dedicated guests and all the new faces we see on the dock and around the fireplace at Tate Island Lodge.

Our schedule is out, current information is on, and calls are coming in. If you are not in the bookyet, we wouild love and appreciate hearing from you and having you spend a week at Tate Island Lodge enjoying what only Reindeer Lake can offer.

Be Well

Jim and Gail

Tate Island Lodge



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