Tate Island Lodge

2011 Highlites

Yet another season over at Tate Island Lodge, and the swirl of summer has now turned to complete silence with the occasional animal walking thru or flying over. we lover the remoteness and the peace and quiet of tate Island, until the craving for Pizza Hut or Applebees sets in (2 things we miss over the summer). The hardest decision between Gail and I when leaving for home each year is whaywe want to have first...McDonalds or Pizza Hut. Thompson has both, and it's a tough one!! It's always the topic of conversation during the 6 hour drive to Thompson when we head out for home. Being in this business for 25 years and together just about 24/7 one runs out of things to talk about. Maybe she has a different reason for working at Toys R Us during the Christmas rush other than the minimum wage she gets...could she just be wanting to get away from me abit???


A couple goals achieved in the project department this summer. I wrapped up finishing the lounge of the new lodge this fall before leaving for home. I finished the fireplace, bar, and flooring. Also, finished all the trim and all I have to do next spring are a few final touch ups, move in the furniture and put the pool table together. Then we're ready to sit back and enjoy what's been a construction zone for a few years...WHEW!! We also started painting the exterior of the new lodge, finished and painted the new generator sheds and dock buildings, and put in a totally new dock (I hope the ice is gentle on it this winter. Atleast you know we haven't just been sitting around watching Oprah. We have some other things to do, and the list will never end, but some great improvements have been made over the last few years on things that needed attention.

How was fishing and hunting this summer?

As usual...big and lots in both cases. Each year seems to be consistant and predictable for good quality and quantity, but I never get tired of pictures like this one! This fisherman never wanted to quit and out fished most of them...way to go young Master Wyler!!

Opening week was a bit of a challenge for the hunting because ice out was late again so we wern't able to be as prepared as we would like. Next year I am going to open the hunting a week later...just tired of the scramble and mostly the worrrying, and for the first time ever, the guests arrived to frozen water lines. Fishing isn't a problem with little readiness because all we really have to do is put a boat in and go...the fish areready and willing. But getting the stands and baits out for the hunters takesmore time, and can't tackle that when we get into camp 2 days before the guests.



I understand these letters are supposed to be upbeat and exciting, but...

I hate to be somber here but sometimes life is brought into perspective. A few days ago a call came in about a friend and someone who had been a guest of ours for years. Kevin Habel from Indianapolis was only 54 years old, and his family notified Gail and I that he had a heart attack and died...far too young! He'll be missed, but forces the rest of us to reflect on what or where our priorities are.

Last year at a Sport Show, as they walked up to us and pointing to our booth, a dad said to his son..."Your Grandpa always wanted to do that"...and my comment was...and don't you make the same mistake"!.

Whether every year, or not...we hope Tate Island Lodge

is on your Bucket List.

We're looking forward again to next summer and showing you some great fishing during the day, and some good stories and conversation and maybe even an adult beverage in front of that fireplace in the new finished lounge. Gail and I hope all is well with you and your family, and look for to seeing you on the dock next summer...We always appreciate that!

Jim and Gail

Tate Island Lodge