Just a little update between the snow having vanished and the water turning to liquid again in the far north. Can't help but to think that it doesn't seem like that long ago since last September that we were watching the tens of thousands of geese each day, about a mile high, flying southbound over Tate Island Lodge. Now getting ready ourselves loading the trailer here at home in Minnesota, watching them heading northbound again, I can't help to think how many will be going over Reindeer shortly on their way through again.

After gathering a lot of supplies during the winter for next summers projects, we're getting things put together and anxious to get going (seems 75+ degrees outside does that).

I've been gathering reports on the timing of nature, checking with the locals in the area, our air service people, and our guides...all reports confirm an early spring. That will be a great relief and add a lot to the enjoyment factor, and preparedness, compared to the last couple seasons. We will have plenty of time to be ready for first arrivals, and can pretty much eliminate concern for a repeat of last years "latest in 50 years" ice-out.

As far as openings go for the summer, we have some options available for August. In addition to the great Pike, Grayling and Walleye fishing, August provides the fast and furious Trout that time of year as they stack up in the shallows and at times you will find it hard to keep them off the hook. There aren't many openings to work with for June and July though. I have exactly 3 cabins available until the first of August. If you, or anyone you know are on the fence, and considering  coming, especially early, give me a call. With the weather shaping up as it is, and ice out early, spring opening should have some fantastic shallow fishing. 1 cabin has recently become available for June 5 or opportunity for someone, because there is nothing like being there just after ice-out especially for those monstor shallow water Pike. Also, we all know how the agressivemess and the fight kicks up as the water warms. We have a cabin available for June 14-19, and another for July 5-10...that's it. Just a couple spots, during some awesome dates for great fishing.

Anyway, lots on the "to do" list again for the summer, and anxious for a busy season of fishermen and hunters coming to pursue the monsters. We are looking forward to our first time guests, and the many we will be seeing again.

Oh well...back to loading up and packing wheel bearings.

Looking forward to seeing ya on the dock.

Just a footnote...I am, and maybe you also, especially in these times, are getting tired of phone calls from people, and maybe other lodges, trying to make the "sell". Needless to say, Gail and I look forward to, and appreciate having you to Tate Island Lodge, but will not "hound" you or your friends to accomplish that...just appreciate you keeping us in mind, and hopefully having YOU give US a call.

Have a good day

Jim and Gail

Tate Island Lodge




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