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Project Progress

We worked hard, and didn't waste time trying to get as much done as possible in the 3 months we had. We made good progress on the new lodge we started a while back. Among other things, I finished the fireplace in the main lounge this summer which is about the last big concern to wrapping up this building...it looks great if I say so myself. Need to put in the flooring, a bar, and bring in a chair or 2 to sit on and we're done.

Should wrap it up next summer!!

Don't want to seem to be getting too "civilized" here in the "far north" by providing some modern technology as we go, but the computer station we set up this year seemed to be a popular place for checking emails etc. (even for those that ribbed me about it, and said they wouldn't use it...but did). We built 2 new sheds for the generators this summer. I bought both of them 3 summers ago, and hadn't even started one of them up before moving them to their new homes this year. I put them closer to the main lodge to eliminate any power drop, and so Gail doesn't have to go so far to change the oil, start them up, and shut them down after I'm in bed at night (don't tell her I said that...Tate needs a cook yet). She is pretty happy tho...for our anniversary I made her a new bigger incinerator out of an old 250 gallon fuel tank for burning garbage. Now she can keep up...

what a guy, heh!.


I was excited when a long time guest of Tate Island Lodge, Bob Wright, brought me pictures of one of his past trips from over 40 years ago. I have always said that I would like to flash back the the 40's or 50's and see the operation of some of these remote Canadian lodges. We think it's tough to operate these days even with all the communications, supplies, and equipment we have...I can't help think back to how it must have been then.

It really made me stop and think when a past guest, pointing to the old lodge said to me..."Years ago, I made millions of dollars worth of business deals in that building". Funny that an old building can feel like a long lost friend! Memories and old photos is why we do this...

not just for how big and how many fish!

If you or anyone you know have any 40+ year old photos from past trips to Tate, I would love to see and scan them!


Hope all is well,

Another season gone by, and looking to next spring and getting back once again. It was a real busy summer both for numbers of guests and for moving ahead with projects and improvements. Spring arrival was exactly opposite of last year. Having on our mind 2009's latest ice out in 50 years, we wondered what this spring would be. Not only were we back to normal, but Reindeer opened up about 6 weeks ahead of last year, and about 2 weeks earlier than normal (if there is such a thing as normal). Anyway, enjoy catching up on some of the summer of 2010 activities.


Guest Highlites

It's just becoming redundant over the years commenting on how good the fishing is through the

summer, so I'll just leave it by saying that this year was no exception to how impressive we have gotten used having it be. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves because I've used all the words I can in the past bragging about it. What a great lake Reindeer is, and confirmed by so many of our guests that have been to other places in the past and now return each year to Tate. It's worth the effort when we hear such satisfaction from so many when they are departing after their trip...Thanks

I tried a couple weeks this summer to add some fun and competition to break up the guides routine. So made them a challange, and offered $10 for every Pike their guests caught over 40 inches, and $50 for the weeks biggest. Needless to say those weeks cost me alot of money. Not that more and bigger were caught during those times, I just think I'm going to have to raise the minimum size in the future if I'm going to be paying...those guides sure seemed to get pleasure when collecting from me.

One highlite was the number of couples, families, and generational groups that came up together this summer. Not to get too "corny" but it's great to see a photo with dad's arm around his daughter, couples away from the rat race together, a high five between Grandad and Grandson, or 3 generations together at shorelunch...nothing can top things like that!


More than the fishing was HOT this summer

Smoke in the air with plumes in sight was pretty much a daily event this summer. An early and dry spring had fires burning all over from the time we crossed the 55th parallel northbound in the spring, until re-crossing it again southbound in September. Conservation officers told me that it was a record year for fires. Mostly we had smoke in the air, and at times I would have paid good money for a bag of fresh air to suck in...it got old after awhile. A couple times it was so thick that visability was so poor I had to hold the planes from coming in for an hour or so until it cleared a bit. Most was in the distance, however we had about a half mile burn on the other side of the bay. I called and had the fire patrol fly up to make sure we were OK in case it jumped the water

to the lodge, but we didn't have anything serious happen and not much burned in our immediate area. The official fire fighting practice this far north is to let them burn themselves out unless they threaten people or buildings...so we watched them burn all summer. The guides said they are out now since getting about a foot of snow up there in October. As much as fires make things black and ugly from the air, in about 3 years it will be some fantastic wildlife area with the old trees out and fresh new sprouts popping up...great for animals and blueberries!


This years "Bear" facts

Bear hunting in all honesty was a bit of a challenge this spring...by no fault of ours or the Bear. With little snow last winter and absent spring rains, fires and smoke filled the air all around the area since spring arrived. With natures instinct as it is, after waking up to that in the distance, many bear wandered in the other direction to fresh air, and away from us, so we saw fewer animals

in the area...and I can understand that. What usually offers many opportunities with minimal effort, turned out to require greater effort by the guides to succeed this year. But I must say, thank goodness for the guides "instinct" that sees and knows what the untrained do not. And also credit to our guides, is their ability and effort, that made good success, many great trophies, and a respectable season out of what would have been a failure at many places under those conditions, or with guides without the experience of these. We look forward to the return of the

Bear to this favorite area of theirs next spring when things are back to normal.


A personal note

Through the years we have always been thankful to all the guests that trust us for a "fair shake" when choosing us for their vacation time. No more is that true than these days when the world seems to be in a holding pattern. It's always great to see many new guests at Tate Island Lodge, with ultimate appreciation to all the repeaters that we see regularly each summer and hopes for the first time guests to be added to that "repeaters" list.

Just so you know...we have no choice but to raise our price a little for next year. Our expenses are up, air chartering has increased, and among other things the Canadian/US dollar exchange is in the tank, and this industry counts on that to be favorable to make ends meet...and it's not. Not to be whining, just justifying. It seems these days we take it in and then just send it right out again as so many are doing (oh well, I guess that's why they call it "cash flow"). Our intent is to provide a great trip while makig it as easy as possible on your pocketbook, and have a nickle left for us in the end.

Thanks for your dedication, trust, and business!!

Have a great winter, and hopefully...see ya on the dock next summer.

Jim and Gail


Want to let you know that we will not be accepting these new dollars at the lodge.

Also because of the few that used Credit Cards, and the service charges we had to pass on, we have deceided not to take Credit Cards at the lodge any longer.

We will gladly take your check or cash.

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