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Enjoy your next Canadian Fishing Vacation on

Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan. Fish for trophy

Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling.

At 2.2 million acres Reindeer Lake is North America's 10th largest lake. However, thousands of islands, bays and coves make Reindeer Lake feel like small water.


Tate Island Lodge is located on Reindeer Lake in Northeast the

                    heart of Saskatchewan's wilderness.

Northern Saskatchewan is well known for its wonderful fishing.

We are located on Reindeer Lake, right in the heart of the action, surrounded by the beautiful Saskatchewan wilderness. Reindeer Lake is especially known for its trophy Northern Pike.


trophy northern pikeEnjoy a Fly-In fishing trip and catch Northern Pike and Walleye

Here at Reindeer Lake, monster Northern Pike of 40" to 50"+ are not uncommon. Trophy Northern Pike fishing takes on new dimensions when you are battling that 30+ lb Giant Northern Pike. The Saskatchewan Northern Pike record is 45.6 lbs. The Tate Island Lodge Northern Pike record is just over 40 lbs. One thing that makes our fishing special is that Reindeer Lake is so large. Thousands of islands and 5,700 miles of coastline make for perfect breeding and growing grounds for the really giant Northern Pike and Walleye. Pike and Walleye fishing vacations take on a whole new dimension when you are fishing on the 22nd largest freshwater lake in the world.

trophy lake trout Enjoy Lake Trout fishing like you only dreamed of!

The trophy Lake Trout live in cold, clean, deep lakes. Reindeer Lake is more than 700 feet deep in its deepest place. These large natural lakes really grow those large trophy Lake Trout. Fly in for trophy Lake Trout fishing and discover what wilderness fishing in comfort is all about.

arctic graylingExperience a Far North fishing vacation and enjoy fishing for Arctic Grayling.

Arctic Grayling fight like no other fish. Tate Island Lodge in Northeast Saskatchewan is known for the size and numbers of Arctic Grayling. With their distinctive dorsal fin, these fish are a lot of fun to catch. A lot of people enjoy Grayling fishing with fly rod in hand. Fly fishing for Arctic Grayling is an awesome way to spend the day. Arctic Grayling are aggressive feeders....they attack a wide variety of baits.

shore lunch Catch 50 to 100 Walleye...then fish for something else!

Imagine fishing all morning, catching 50 Walleye, then relaxing over a freshly prepared shore lunch...nothing is better. No fishing vacation is complete without a daily shore lunch. Our Cree Indian guides call Reindeer Lake home. They will help you find the Walleye. In the afternoon will you continue to fish for Walleye or will you switch to Lake Trout or Northern Pike? This will surely be a Canadian fishing vacation that you will never ever forget.

Enjoy your next fishing trip more by fishing out of new boats.

Fish in comfort. We don't have a bunch of steel tubs. We use newer model 18 ft Alumarines boasting 40 horsepower motors. Our boats come with a casting platform and padded swivel seats. We had them built to our specifications.

These boats are great fishing boats...and of course they are optimized for use on Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.

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